"Skill, Application Knowledge, & Industry ready manpower"


"Soldamatic enables Vocational education centers to Impart Welding skills as per IIW to Students, Welders and Trainers"

IMPART TECHNOLOGIES is operational since 2014. We are marketing Soldamatic Augmented Reality welding simulator in India. Soldamatic is the best welding simulator in the world and is available at very affordable price in India. Soldamatic welding simulator is already implemented in several industries & training centers and it is well appreciated by the experts. Soldamatic is ideal for ITI institutes in India and also for the Welding centre of excellence (COE) and Skill development universities and centers. (SDI).

Soldamatic welding simulator has won several global awards which includes Auggie and Worlddidac. Soldamatic is accredited by International welding societies like IIW, AWS, DVS, CESOL, to name a few. Soldamatic welding simulator is the only welding simulator to have ISO certifications, Safety conformity (CE & FCC) and Software accreditation by IIW (CESOL)

Our Products

Soldamatic Augmented Reality Welding Simulator in India

SOLDAMATIC Augmented Reality Welding Simulator

The new SOLDAMATIC 2018 welding simulator is now packed with several new features. Soldamatic has the 3D simulation software for SMAW, GMAW, GTAW and FCAW processes. It enables welding from 1G to 6G positions which includes Downhand, Horizontal, Vertical Up, Vertical Down, Overhead and Inclined positions. Soldamatic welding simulator has didactic guidance for parameters, head position and hand position. The welding simulator guides the student on Arc Length, Path, Stickout, Welding speed, Work and Travel angle. This welding simulator helps welders in perfecting the muscle memory and have a steady hand which will produce quality weld beads.

Soldamatic 2018 model can now be integrated with Robots for helping robotic operators to get trained. The Soldamatic 2018 model of welding simulator is a boon for manufacturing industries as they can now train the welders on actual components. Want to know more about this, please get in touch with the experts (Shridhar and Ahmed)

Soldamatic welding simulator is most preferred welding simulator in India as it is very economical Price compared to the Global VR products.



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