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"Soldamatic enables Vocational education centers to Impart Welding skills as per IIW to Students, Welders and Trainers"

Welding is an essential field in almost all industries. The shortage of skilled welders is nowadays an increasing issue and it is affecting the quality of products even in big industries. The invention of welding simulator is a big blessing to the different industries that involves welding. This is emerging as a great tool for both training institutes and companies.The trainees Simulators are very popular in industries for employees training programs. There are lot of changes and developments are happening in industries nowadays and it is the time of artificial intelligence, otherwise we can say augmented reality. The augmented reality sensors can be used in any fields like medical, defense,etc,,, that requires hand skills,critical tasks or involving another kind of risks.

Soldamatic welding simulator is most preferred welding simulator in India as it is very economical Price compared to the Global VR products.We ,Impart technologies is operational since 2014 and we are the authorised dealers of soldamatic welding simulators in India headquartered in Bangalore.

  • Welding Simulators are completely free of emissions.
  • Students can do the learning process analytically and can repeat the same process multiple times until they are skilled enough.Step by step learning is possible.
  • For beginners and young students, the simulators are a great blessing, since they can learn the welding process without any risks and danger.Because the real welding involves so many dangerous situations. For a new comer, the chances of mistakes are more.
  • Practicing welding in real welding workshops involves the use of more metals and requires more timetoo. But by using Simulators,you can use the same metal for different studies thus saving the cost of materials.

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Arc,Mig,Tig Welding Simulator

Soldamatic welding Simulator is an augmented reality training welding simulator that helps to increase the efficiency of welding. Soldamatic training improves the quality of training and opens a door to women and young people to this industry. These welding simulators helps the students to learn the things without any fear and risks until they become skilled. Thus reducing the chances of injuries and hazards while learning. Augmented training has been designed to generate highly qualified competent welders for different sectors of industry.

Soldamatic provides a platform in which the students are getting a real workshop kind of experience. Through Soldamatic, trainees can analyze the things in short time .This is one of the main advantage of Soldamatic. Within less time and with minimum cost and minimum wastage even a beginner can also become a skilled welder.

The training tool has provided with teacher software and an e-learning platform. The teachers are able to create, develop and analyze the contents through this software. This virtual simulator training software is designed in such a way that the trainers can have a control over student simulators in real time. They can update the study materials, designs theories etc and analyze the welding exercises and other related things. The instructor is able to view or analyze the real time activity of students and can make progress reports. E-learning platform helps the instructors to perform online lecturers and exams. This can be accessed through PC or Mobile.

The augmented system’s computer process these images and generates three dimensional images of welding arcs,beads,work pieces etc.The welding helmet includes a display panel through which the user can view the augmented reality settings and can analyze precisely the interactions between welding torches/gun and work pieces.These images are also displayed in a secondary panel.

The helmet’s heads-up display provide the performance results immediately, gives alerts if the parameters exceeded and confirms if parameters are maintained. The analysis module gives feedback on students’ performance and the video of the exercises also scored that can be viewed by the instructor later. Thus the instructor can make the records of student’s performances.

Soldamatic supports these welding techniques.1.stick welding (MMA/SMAW). 2.MIG-MAG (GMAW / FCAW) 3. Tig Welding (GTAW).It includes tools like welding torches, AR mask , work pieces ,electrode stick, filler rod, etc…

The augmented weldingsimulator simulates various welding processes,and blends the real welding environment and system generated images to create an augmented real environment.

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